If you’re ready to start a business, the last thing you’ll want is to choose the wrong provider that will lead to fines due to missed compliance deadlines or filing mistakes. Registered agent and LLC formation service provider Incorp will make sure you avoid these and more.

If you are undecided in taking them up in their offer, our breakdown of the company’s features should help you make a wise decision.


  • Great Customer Support — The company’s customer service works long hours to provide you with client support if you need help. Bilingual representatives are also available if you wish to speak in a language other than English.


  • Inefficient Website — Upon review, the information on Incorp’s website is outdated. There are several FAQs that are not clear enough, which can lead to confusion among clients who need fast answers as they form a business.

Features of Incorp

Incorp Services, Inc. is one of the leading registered agent services headquartered in Las Vegas. The company has been around for 20 years, giving many customers the service they need.

We have done the legwork and review in assessing Incorp’s features for customers who want a registered agent. This section should identify the advantages that Incorp has over the competition in the registered agent industry, as well as available areas for improvement.

LLC Formation

Incorp gets you the best value for money with the included services in its package. Here is a breakdown of what your business entity will receive when you sign up for Incorp’s registered agent service for LLC formation.

  • Preparation and filing articles for your business

You need articles for your business to form an LLC. These are mandatory for officially registering your business with the state. Incorp helps you draft and file these wherever the state of formation is for your company.

  • Name availability search

Most registered agent services in the United States offer these, and so does Incorp. They go through the information in their database to find out whether the name of your business is available in your state.

  • Domestic two-day shipping

While their domestic shipping takes two days, you can easily upgrade to expedited shipping in your state if you want. With an additional $6, you can expect an overnight shipping service by Incorp.

Besides the LLC formation, Incorp stays ahead of its competitors in different states by offering many services. Here is a list of services Incorp offers for those who need to form an LLC.

Registered Agent Service

One of the most important services offered by any registered agent is receiving and forwarding necessary government related documents for your business. Incorp offers this at lower prices compared to their competitors.

For each year you pay in advance, Incorps offers the registered agent services at more discounted prices.

Services for 1 year starts at $99 p.a. Paying 2 years in advance costs $89.10 p.a., 3 years in advance costs $80.52 p.a., 4 years in advance costs $73.06 p.a. and 5 years in advance costs $66.56 p.a.

LLC Kit and Seal

If you want, you can have a decorative seal and customized binder for your documents with the help of Incorp.

You also typically get stock certificates to mark ownership of your business.

Certificates for Good Standing

These certificates see to it that your business is in good standing with the state. Numerous institutions need this information for things like bank transactions, loan requests, and partnership deals.

‘LLC for Dummies’ Book

Since the one service provided by Incorp is LLC formation, they also sell a great book for your business. The book is a complete guide to understanding the structure of an LLC and its many aspects, like LLC cycle, tips, and the best way to form a company.

Federal Tax ID

If you select Incorp as your registered agent or LLC formation provider, you can ask them to obtain a federal tax ID or EIN [1] for you. This number enables your business to hire employees, open bank accounts, and file your taxes with the state. In some ways, it’s like a social security number for your business.

Prepare IRS Form

The IRS Form SS-4 is one of the requirements to obtain a federal tax ID. You could fill this yourself if you want, but Incorp can do this at a reasonable rate to save you some time.

Mail Forwarding

This is also one of the valuable features for companies. Many registered agents only receive and forward your government-related documents, but unlike most of their competitors, Incorp receives all the mail and also forwards them to you.

Manage Annual Report Service

With this service, you do not have to file your annual reports. Incorp will keep track of the LLC status and due dates, and file your reports right on schedule.

This is a good service to opt for if you do not want the hassle of keeping track of due dates and handling the compliance filings yourself.

License Research Service

This service basically helps combine all the registration forms for the licensing required for your business. Incorp also fills and submits the application on behalf of your business at an additional charge.


Incorp has heavy competition when it comes to registered agent services. One of the ways Incorp beats their registered agent competitors is through affordable pricing. In fact, their LLC formation services come with a low price according to our review.

For the registered agent service, Incorp charges $99 for the first year before state fees. If you wish to continue in the following years, you can renew these registered agent services at a discounted price per year. Their multi-year discounts, when paid in advance, are unbeaten by their competitors. They also charge $99 for LLC formation excluding state fees.

Foreign qualification registration will cost you $149, while EIN applications cost $69. You can also expect to pay $99 for corporate dissolutions, amendments and DBA. The managed reports service by Incorp costs $49 while the Certificate of Good Standing will cost you $35.

Their pricing structure suggests that if the client can find lower pricing anywhere, then Incorp will evaluate that structure and offer discounts. This is a great way for a registered agent service like Incorp to be challenged and stay ahead of their competitors.

Customer Service

Incorp keeps its customer support available from 9 am to 9 pm ET on all weekdays. They are available via email, phone, and web-based chat. Their quick response time keeps the company ahead in the competition.

In our review, their customer service representatives are also friendly and responsive. All of them are trained and well-equipped to tackle all sorts of questions. They also have bilingual representatives for a handful of languages, including Spanish.

However, what makes Incorp unique in terms of customer service is that they assign one representative to every customer. This way, you do not have to contact a call center and then be held online only to be redirected. All you need to do is directly get in touch with your assigned Incorp representative, and they should be up to date with your records.

Cancellation Policies

Incorp abides by legal obligations, which states that a registered agent service is compelled to offer its service until the business files for dissolution or is removed from public records. Incorp continues to renew its service every year on the 20th day of the same month you had initially purchased the service.

The Secretary of State requires maintaining a registered agent service as a requirement. Before canceling, you’ll have to either to replace your registered agent or dissolve your company. You should replace the registered agent service before the renewal process.

This is why Incorp offers its cancellation services way before the annual renewal. Their policy compels the client to cancel prior to the renewal date by stating that all cancellations made after the due date are non-refundable.

Incorp Customer Reviews

Incorp is well known for its registered agent service which has received excellent customer reviews in recent years. The client base has increased massively, which helps Incorp to receive remarkable reviews and ratings as well. According to our experts’ review, Incorp values client support, which is what helps them survive in the industry.

Conversely, their negative customer reviews include cancellation difficulties. Nonetheless, loyal Incorp clients are satisfied with the support representatives and registered work efficiency.

From our experience and review, the registered agent does quite well for themselves in terms of business formation and compliance. Here are some company ratings from the time we tested this registered agent.

  • Google — 4.1 out of 5 stars (90+ reviews)

Incorp Review Conclusion

The registered agent service Incorp has managed to stay afloat despite strong competitors like Incfile, Legalzoom, Incorporate.com, Harvard Business Services and more. In our experience, Incorp has hit it out of the ballpark with some of the best features. They have also established trust in terms of services and security.

We recommend Incorp for its affordable pricing as its multi-year pricing plans help make the annual price of the registered agent service so low that you can’t find it anywhere else. If you’re looking for a registered agent service to file information, along with affordable plans every year and decent customer reviews, then Incorp is a great choice.

I’m Daniella. I love to try different stuff and share my feedback and my thoughts about them. Hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you!

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