It’s only natural to be wary of going for extremely low priced legal service providers, as any filing mistake can result in additional fines or business dissolution. Luckily, there are tried and tested companies that still offer reasonable pricing, such as Incfile.

I have tested Incfile’s packages and features myself to see if their services are legit and worth the price. Read on for my full Incfile review.

A Little Background About Incfile

Founded in Houston, Texas, Incfile specializes in registered agent service and LLC formation services for businesses and enterprises. They have assisted more than 200,000 businesses with formation services since their foundation.

Incfile offers unique features that put their team ahead in the industry, including packages with LLC formation and registered agent service. Their team also delivers orders and services as quickly as possible. Due to this, their team claims to be capable of starting a business in a matter of two weeks.

In this Incfile review, we examine whether they focus on quantity over quality. The features detailed below are either included in Incfile’s LLC packages or are offered as additional services for those starting a business.

Benefits of Getting Incfile’s Services

  • Incfile’s pricing starts at $0 and goes up to $299 before state fees. However, their affordable rates do not mean low quality.
  • You receive one full year of free registered agent services from Incfile. Incfile offers this essential service for LLCs free of cost and without any loopholes.
  • When you get an LLC formation package, you can also sign up for lifetime business alerts. These may include deadlines for annual reports, company licenses, and statements. Incfile understands that keeping track of it all can become exhausting, so they made the process simpler.
  • When it comes to customer reviews, several have exceptional things to say about Incfile’s reasonable prices, features, and LLCexpertise in their Inc file reviews.
  • Incfile may not offer customer service on a non-business day, but their vast expertise and knowledge on LLC companies allow them to provide valuable information to back their responses. In our experience, their customer service representatives are knowledgeable, polite, and professional.

Packages & Services of Incfile

Preparation And Filing Articles For Your Business

Incfile offers you LLC formation services, starting with the preparation of the articles and forms and then officially filing them with the state. Incfile can quickly get your documents in order and file them efficiently for your small business.

Name Availability Searches

To claim a name for your small business, you need to make sure that it has not already been used before. With their massive database, Incfile can help you check if any LLCentities bearing the same name as yours have been registered as the state. Every provider offers these services, though.

Full Details »

Registered Agent Service

Incfile offers one free year of this service with its LLC formation packages. This service involves forwarding important documents and notices from the state for your company to you.

Many states also require you to appoint an agent in order to operate an LLC in the state so that they have a means of contacting you and sending you notices as needed.

Full Details »

Federal Tax Identification (EIN)

The Employer Identification Number for your LLC business is similar to the social security number you are provided. The nine-digit number helps you with most of your LLC business activities, such as setting up a bank account, filing taxes, or hiring employees.

Through the IRS, Incfile can easily help you in acquiring an EIN for your LLC company and consequently, save you some time.

Full Details »

Operating Agreement

An operating agreement helps layout ownership structures for your LLC business. This document also frames the rules and regulations for your business. With this service from Incfile, you can expect a template for your operating agreement which you can customize as you wish.

Banking Resolution

A banking resolution is a document that authorizes a business to open a bank account and designates signers. You can use this with your EIN to open a bank account. However, this is not a necessity for those who identify as solopreneurs.

Gold Business Formation Kit

If you register with Incfile, you can opt to receive a formation kit with your LLC business’ name engraved on it. You also get a transfer ledger, sample documents, and embossing seal along with the kit.

Full Details »

Tax Form Preparation

If you choose to have an S Corporation for your business, then Incfile can prepare and file the necessary documentation to the state. The S Corporation Tax Form Preparation is only applicable to certain LLCs who want to elect themselves as an S Corp to the IRS.

Full Details »

Business Website and Domain

Incfile is associated with a website development service called SnapWeb. You can get web design for your website and customize the templates to match your taste. For additional charges, you can also avail of SnapWeb’s site hosting services. You can opt for a free domain name afterward.

Nowadays, having an online site is a way to increase your visibility. With a website, you can implement marketing strategies that will work to increase conversions and brand awareness.

Why Choose Incfile?

Incfile Customer Service

You can contact Incfile’s customer support team through phone or email. Their customer support is available from 10 am to 7 pm ET on weekdays.

Based on our experience, their customer representatives are polite, professional, and reliable.

Incfile Order Tracking

Order tracking is one of the services that keep Incfile ahead of its competitors in the LLC industry. It has real-time order tracking and status updates to keep track of the progress of your orders. Other competitors either do not provide company order tracking or do not update the order status in real-time.

Business Tax Consultation

Once you register your LLC with Incfile, you get the option to select a free 30-minute business tax consultation. Through this consultation, you can clear your doubts concerning LLC tax rules and regulations applicable to your business. Incfile makes no exceptions when it comes to answering every question and provides a certified tax professional.

Lifetime Business Alerts

Incfile has a service that sends you emails and notifications about the upcoming deadlines for your LLC business. These are essential for your annual report filings and business license renewals so that you can complete the LLC requirements on time.

Incfile Online Document & Library Access

Once your LLC forms are prepared, filed, and sent to the state, you can access all your company documents online. Your official LLC documents will be posted to your online dashboard. This way, the Incfile team will alert you once they’re ready.

You will also immediately get access to Incfile’s contract templates that will aid your company during various business activities. The templates are stored in a library that contains more than 20 templates written by attorneys. You can also customize these to match your preference.

Incfile Express Shipping

Our experience with Incfile proves that it has one of the best express shipping services in the industry. It is a bonus for clients that this is not a common feature among Incfile’s competition.

Through Express Shipping, Incfile can speed up the delivery of hard copies of your LLC business documents. You will also be provided with a tracking number so you can monitor the packages’ movement.

Incfile Cancellation Policy

The formation service is transparent about their cancellation policy. However, your subscription and orders will only be refundable as long as the documents have not been filed with the state.

Since Incfile claims to offer rapid LLC services, you will have to cancel within 24 hours of your subscription. You will not receive refunds for any expenses and will be charged an additional $30 if you fail to cancel within the given period.

Incfile Privacy Policy

As with cancellations, Incfile is transparent about your privacy. The team values your information and ensures that your details do not fall into the wrong hands.

Their employees are trained to ensure privacy and their website has certificates for high-level encryption [1]. Your personal information, such as credit card data and social security numbers, are all secured.

Incfile Pricing

We’ll preface this section by saying that Incfile does not offer discounts for any of their orders. However, their unbeatable pricing has always caught potential customers’ attention.

As previously mentioned, Incfile offers three LLC formation packages for business owners. We’ll detail what these packages include below. Some of the features included are also offered as separate services.

Silver Package ($0 plus state fee)

The Silver package is the most popular service offered by Incfile due to its zero costs. Although they exclude state fees, as every provider does, most emerging businesses opt for this package. Even cheaper options like Swyft Filings charge $49 plus state fees for their most affordable package, so Incfile’s Silver Package is a real steal.

They offer services like LLC formation, preparation and filing, name availability, lifetime alerts, online database, business tax consultation, order status tracking, unlimited customer support, and one year of free services from a registered agent. Incfile undoubtedly offers more features than most of its competitors while still maintaining service quality.

The Silver package may not be entirely free due to state fees, but it surely is a big bargain for business owners. It is also the lowest priced compared to its competitors.

Get the Silver Package »

Gold Package ($149 plus state fee)

The Gold package includes several features in addition to those offered in the Silver package in return for a higher cost. The LLC formation service offers features like federal tax identification, operating agreement, express shipping, banking resolution, gold business formation kit, and S Corporation tax form preparation.

Comparatively, Incfile offers more services in its higher-priced packages than most legal services, so you are still getting good value for your money with the Gold package.

Get the Gold Package »

Platinum Package ($299 plus state fee)

In the case of Platinum packages, you will receive expedited document filing, sample document libraries, a business website, and domain names along with the features and perks of the Gold package.

You will also get Incfile’s top of the line features for a much more affordable price compared to its competitors.

Get the Platinum Package »

How Does Incfile Compare To Other Registered Agent Services?

Incfile is one of the most popular names in the legal service providers industry. Legal service providers such as Rocket Lawyer and Biz Counsel are highly respected in the LLC field and offer great assistance. However, neither beats Incfile in terms of affordability and ease of use.

Rocket Lawyer provides valuable assistance in business formation and document preparations. However, the Incfile Silver Package provides similar services at zero cost, and customers only need to pay state fees. Biz Counsel is dedicated to providing attorneys for well-established businesses. To counter this, Incfile already has a feature that assigns attorneys for reference.

LegalZoom is a tough LLC competitor for Incfile, but there are still a few things that the latter has better. While LegalZoom may have the upper hand in terms of expertise and experience, Incfile has the advantage in terms of the number of services offered such as basic business compliance and legal needs. Incfile pricing is also an extremely affordable option for many clients.

Incfile Customer Reviews

Since 2004, Incfile has helped many businesses, receiving many positive reviews as a result. Since the issue of Incfile’s poor customer service arose in Incfile reviews many times, we will detail things any customer ought to know.

Several of the complaints in the Incfile customer review section have been addressed. Our research has discovered that their resolution ratio is over 40%, which is more than most of their competitors.

Due to this, the legal service provider has received praises and striking reviews that keep taking their company forward.

Fifteen years might be a short time in the industry, but Incfile does not provide poor quality services. Their team is adamant about providing good customer support and ease of use to businesses that require genuine aid amidst all the stress.

Incfile does not offer fancy services, but its simplicity is its best trait. Their uncomplicated LLC service draws customers to the team for aid. In our experience, it has not failed to impress us as we enjoyed the service offered by Incfile.

Here are some ratings from the Incfile review sections.

  • Shopper Approved — 4.8 stars out of five (10,000+)
  • Trustpilot — 4.2 stars out of five (50+ reviews)
  • — 4.8 stars out of five (13,000+ reviews)
  • Better Business Bureau — A+ rating / 4.6 stars out of five (100+ reviews)

Incfile Review Conclusion

Incfile is a prominent legal service provider out in the field. It offers similar features to its competitors at an unbeatable price.

Along with great customer support, website development, and area expertise, irrespective of whether your entity is an emerging LLC business or an established one, Incfile will bring you value-for-money and distinct services catered especially for you.

For other options today, read my review of companies that can offer great incorporation services.

I’m Daniella. I love to try different stuff and share my feedback and my thoughts about them. Hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you!

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