Harvard Business Services Reviews

Having the right provider of business formation and registered agent service is extremely important to prevent your business from being fined, or worse, dissolved.

I have tried and tested Harvard Business Services review, to check if they can deliver excellent business formation and registered agent services for your business.

Note: Harvard Business Services is available ONLY in Delaware. If your business is located in another state, ZenBusiness is a great option for you.

Benefits of Choosing Harvard Business Services

Harvard Business Services updates their LLC company formation and business services packages whenever required. They have previously revised their pricing structures and reduced the price of their LLC formation service packages by a hundred dollars. Their Green package is the most popular package that has helped people to easily form an LLC.

Every LLC formation service by Harvard Business Services includes a free registered agent service for the first year. If you want to continue this service, you can renew it at $50 annually, which is the lowest rate offered by the Harvard Business Services. This price is fixed and they guarantee that it will not be increased over the tenure of your business.

Harvard Business Services can provide you same-day service If you want to form an LLC quickly.

Harvard Business Services offers its LLC formation services in Spanish if you need bilingual customer assistance to form your company. Their website is also bilingual and is available in a full Spanish version.

Harvard Business reviews are largely positive due to great customer support. In fact, it has one of the highest scores for excellent customer reviews we’ve seen across several online platforms.

Limitations in Using Harvard Business Services

If you want to form an LLC in Delaware, then Harvard Business Services is the best place to go to. However, if you wish to form LLC in another state, you will need to find another provider. However, you can get LLC service in Delaware if you live outside the US.

None of the LLC packages offered by Harvard Business Services include applications for federal tax IDs (EIN) which businesses need to hire employees or pay taxes. You may need to make the application yourself if you wish to get an EIN as you form your LLC business.

Founded in 1981 in Delaware state, Harvard Business Services Inc has helped form 200,000 LLC companies. Harvard Business Services are not to be confused with the Harvard Business Review, Harvard Business Rev or Hard Business Review.

Harvard Business Services offers LLC formation services and agent service in the state of Delaware. It’s a Delaware Registered Agent, although it has fewer services compared to many of its competitors. Still, it provides excellent services. It does everything that a registered agent service does and provides great value for the money to its customers.

Let’s see how well it does in the different services it has to offer.

The articles for your business are the official forms that you have to fill out to open an LLC business in the state of Delaware. Harvard Business Services can submit these forms to the state on your behalf.

Harvard Business Services will search through Delaware’s official database for the name you want. This will ensure that the company name you want to use has not already been claimed by another entity.

As your registered agent, Harvard Business Services receives official documents from the state on your behalf and delivers them to you. This is often mandatory if you want to form an LLC.

Harvard Business Services provides one year of this service for free if you opt for their LLC formation service. Your company has the choice to renew these for the following years.

If you need help as you form your LLC, you can contact Harvard Business Services customer support team via phone number, web chat and email. Their working hours are from 9 am to 5 pm ET on all weekdays.

In my review, their customer service is better than most. Their representatives offered good solutions, and they’re friendly as well.

During the tenure of your LLC company, if you have any deadlines for annual reports, tax documents, and other such documents in the state, Harvard Business Services will send regular reminders leading up to the deadline. They will also send you a digital copy of every filed document.

Harvard Business Services can provide you with templates to create your own LLC formation documents, banking forms, digital membership certificates and more. You will also receive a hard copy of every filed document along with priority mailing.

You will receive a binder with an embossed name of your business and a decorative seal that is customized for your LLC. It will also include a few more documents like stock certificates [1], meeting minutes, transfer ledger and other documents for your LLC. You can put all of these to good use as you’re forming your business.

Harvard Business Services also offers international LLC packages. You can use 3 packages which includes their Green package, Basic package and Standard package. They offer apostille and notary services so that your company can maintain compliance from outside the United States.

Harvard Business Services grants refunds only when you request from them within 30 days of the initial subscription date. However, the refunds do not come for free — Harvard charges around 5% fee for it.

Harvard Business Services can help you cancel your Delaware LLC. Delaware requires a long process for an LLC cancellation, so having Harvard Business Services to help you out will make things easier for you and your business. Once your cancellation is filed, your company name is unlisted and someone else in the state can use it.

To start the process, you’ll have to contact them and submit additional fees. They will assemble all the required documents and forward them to you for signature. Your certificate of cancellation takes around 24 hours to be filed. After that, it will take about 3–5 business days for the Delaware Division of Corporations to return a receipt of the filing.

Harvard Business Services Pricing

Many of us look at pricing to know if something is a good deal. As for Harvard Business Services, they have three main LLC formation service packages for companies.

You may have to pay additional fees for different services like cancellation of LLC, dissolution of the corporation, and more. Meanwhile, they have fixed rates every year for their regular services.

With this business formation package, you can use features such as same-day electronic filing, name availability check, registered agent service, lifetime customer support, and compliance notifications for your company.

You also get a certificate of incorporation, a digital copy of your documents, a digital corporate seal, and free compliance coaching so you can learn better about the requirements and deadlines.

This costs $179 and already includes Delaware state fees. This is reduced from $279 previously. You can expect delivery within 3–5 business days via email.

This package includes everything from the Green package along with hard copies of your documents and priority mail service. You also get operating agreements and bylaws, LLC essential documents, digital stock certificates, and bank resolution forms with delivery within 6–8 business days.

For the domestic Basic package, Harvard Business Services charges $229, a lower price from $329 previously.

If you are an international firm that is incorporating a company, you have a slightly higher price of $350. This is because you also get a few good features, including Certified Copy of Certificate of Formation/Incorporation with Gold Seal or with Apostille and Notarized Statement of Authorised Person, which are necessary if you are located internationally and need to perform business activities.

This package includes everything from the Basic package, plus the LLC kit and seal which you can use for your business. This includes a gold embossed binder, business resolutions, operating agreements and bylaws, a meeting minute book, company guidebook, stock ledger, and 10 stock certificates.

You also get a corporate seal with a fold-up style embosser that has lead-cast lettering.

This is the most expensive package offered by Harvard with a price of $329. This will cost $550 including state fees if you want to form an international company.

If you need to rush your order, you can get same-day filing provided you order before 1pm Eastern Time for an additional fee of $150.

You are provided registered agent services for one year by Harvard Business Services. For the following years after the first year, your company has the choice to renew these services for $50 per year. In my review, this is a good deal and it’s one of the most affordable annual fees in the industry.

They also profess to not have any hidden fees for their service. There is no increase in fees from one year to another, which is a pretty good deal if you want to form a business. The company also claims to include all state fees and delivery fees in their packages.

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Harvard Business Services Customer Reviews

Harvard Business Services have been applauded for good customer service bringing in positive reviews. Clients of Harvard Business Services enjoy the quality and speed of their formation services.

Moreover, their customer service is available on several platforms, including phone, web chat, email, or even Skype. Their representatives are extremely helpful and professional in helping you form your company.

Bilingual customer representatives are available in Spanish if English is not your first language. Their Spanish website is also accessible.

Regardless of the mode of contact, they will quickly respond and save you some waiting time. Their staff members’ numbers are directly found on their website.

However, while Harvard Business Services’ Green package is good value, the Basic package and Standard packages don’t offer much more yet charge higher prices.

If you want to read customer reviews for yourself, here are some leading platforms that have rated Harvard Business Services. They have some of the highest ratings among their competitors.

  • Google — 4.5 stars out of 5 (50+ reviews)
  • Trustpilot — 9.8 stars out of 10 (3,000+ reviews)
  • Facebook — 4.2 stars out of 5 (70+ reviews)
  • Better Business Bureau — 5 stars out of 5 (130+ reviews)

Harvard Business Services only offers their services in Delaware, unlike many other providers that cover all 50 states. However, it claims to be one of the experts in Delaware business incorporation due to their specialization.

It also offers the option of same day filing for an additional fee. It is not the cheapest option available in the market but its strong customer reviews may give you some assurance that you are getting the best and most trusted services available in the market. The company also offers registered agents services with their packages so you don’t have to pay additional fees.

If you are a new business, you may want to do your due diligence on all of the registered agents and formation services providers.

Harvard Business Services Review Conclusion

Harvard Business Services, with its excellent customer service, good customer reviews and comprehensive features, is a great option to consider if you are going to incorporate your business in Delaware.

It is one of the most affordable registered agents in the industry. You can also get their service for one year if you get their formation package.

However, you may need to look for another provider if you intend to incorporate in another state. Zenbusiness is a great option if you are located in another state or if you require services in multiple locations.

If you’re looking for other options I have evaluated another service provider in my in-depth review of Incorp.

I’m Daniella. I love to try different stuff and share my feedback and my thoughts about them. Hope you enjoy my blog. Thank you!