What Is the Best Online Traffic School in California and Other States?(2021)

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An online traffic school, or defensive driving school or course, can teach you the skills you need to stay safer on the road. The classes can be taken 100% online or a mix of virtual and in-person instruction. But which delivers the best and most efficient program? Our experts are here to help you narrow down the best online traffic schools.

Reviews of the Best Online Traffic Schools

1. GoToTrafficSchool

Established in 1999, GoToTrafficSchool is among the best online traffic schools out there. They are accessible in over 25 states in the US and have already served 4 million people. Their driving classes all have a DMV license and if you aren’t sure if your court will approve of the hours you’ve spent taking the complete lessons, you can always call their CS team or reach out online.

Turn to GoToTrafficSchool if you need to fulfill court orders, reduce your insurance rates, or if you want to get some driving record points removed from your license. Taking their courses can also successfully help you attain safe driver discounts.

GoToTrafficSchool is 100% online. You can go at your own pace and take classes when it suits you. Overall, this California online traffic school is easy to pass, perfect if you want to get everything done quickly. Though you have to pay very little, this business still has a high star rating with tons of great reviews as well.


  • This online traffic school has been around for years
  • One of the cheapest online traffic schools with no hidden fees
  • Can help remove points on your license or reduce insurance premiums
  • DMV-licensed traffic school
  • Court approved in over 25 states
  • Can be used with mobile devices
  • Interactive content with video material, simulations, and more
  • Easy to pass


  • Not recognized in all states
  • Lots of emails for referrals

2. Improv Traffic School

For those who like an unconventional way of doing things (while still gaining valuable knowledge on safe driving laws), Improv is the best online traffic school for you. Written by Hollywood writers with the Improv Comedy Club’s talent for laughs, your traffic school experience will be fast, easy, and less boring.

Year after year, Improv Traffic School has won the title of “Best Traffic School” due to its innovative approach to delivering lessons. If you’re going to take the course, this online traffic school in California will make it pretty easy.

If you aren’t happy with the traffic school course in your state, you are protected by a 100% money back guarantee. Once you pass the final exam, the completion certificate is instant without waiting hours.


  • With 4 complimentary tickets to the Improv Comedy Club
  • Money back guarantee
  • Helps reduce insurance premiums
  • 100% online traffic school
  • Easy material, easy-to-pass final exam
  • Consistently wins “Best Traffic School”
  • Written by Hollywood writers so it’s not boring
  • Offer online driver’s ed and defensive driving


  • This traffic school is not accepted in all states
  • Sometimes certification will take longer

3. iDriveSafely

If you aren’t sure if the other online traffic schools are in your state, then try iDriveSafely. This online traffic school in California is DMV-licensed in almost every state. Their traffic school course is very effective because they were put together not only by professional driving instructors but also learning theory experts.

Even though it’s an online course, iDriveSafely makes sure the traffic school classes they offer are easy and intuitive. You can complete the course online, which means drivers can go at their own pace with no course timers if you’re based in California.

It’s also good to know that iDriveSafely also has great course discounts from time to time, so for those looking to pay for less, check their site for lower price points.


  • Completely online traffic school
  • Driving-instructor-approved courses
  • The company has live phone support
  • Available in almost every state
  • Helps reduce insurance premiums
  • Comes with 1 month of FREE roadside service
  • Great reviews


  • Certificate can take a while to get
  • Traffic school assistance is pretty slow when answering questions

4. DriversEd.com

DriversEd.com is another California online traffic school that is quick and easy with fast certification. They take the time to send your certificate of completion to you and the court at no additional cost! Since the course is online, you have access to the materials at all hours of the day.

This online traffic school course has more flexibility than traditional in-person lessons and their interface saves your progress so you can pick up where you left off. The content from Drivers Ed is fun and interesting to keep students engaged. Their driving courses are fast and easy, and can be used with mobile devices. If you run into any issues and need help, you can reach the online Drivers Ed live support very easily.


  • Very short course for online drivers ed
  • The traffic company sends your certification to the courts at no cost to you
  • Taking their course is simple
  • Has some of the easiest quizzes to pass
  • Drivers are able to take the course 100% online
  • 1 month free roadside services from Allstate
  • Mobile friendly traffic school
  • Good reviews


  • Will charge you automatically for Allstate Roadside Services if you don’t cancel
  • Some videos can have outdated information

Online Traffic Schools Buyer’s Guide

How do you pick the best online traffic school? Our experts are here to help with the following criteria.

Quality of Online Material

To make sure you successfully transfer your skills onto the road, the online material needs to be complete and up-to-date. Also, the more methods that the traffic school uses the better, such as interactive video, text, and simulations. People learn things in more than one way, so having many possible avenues to learn ensures you’re getting a great chance at success. Of course, you shouldn’t have to pay for another speeding ticket.

Additionally, the process of taking the exam should be easy as well. Students should find questions and quizzes based on the material provided. This way, it should be simple to pass.

Also, a good California traffic school should offer a number of classes as well. If you need to spend a few hours in defensive driving, it should be pretty easy to find a school that has one.

State Approval

An online traffic school that is highly accessible and approved in all states or almost every state[1] is the best option to take. That way, you can be sure the long hours you put in for the certification will help your end goal of getting out of your traffic ticket. You don’t want to pay for traffic school and spend day after day trying to pass, only to learn it’s not in your state.

Customer Support

Just in case there are any issues, the customer support the online traffic school offers should be live 24/7 for any possible questions you may have. The best online traffic school would also have a list of contact modes such as email, live chat, and phone support you can contact all day.

Website Security

Since all business transactions for the California online traffic school will be done through the platform, they should have the latest encryption technologies and can keep your private information safe.


The budget is also a primary concern for many people when choosing the best online traffic school in their state. You don’t want to pay for something more expensive than your traffic ticket. Our experts recommend shopping around and compare prices, but make sure to know if the traffic school course is approved in your state first. Again, it will be useless to pass without making sure it’s DMV-approved in your state.

There are many California online traffic school courses that offer discounts, so it’s better to check back regularly to know the cost you have to pay.


Which online traffic school is the fastest?

iDriveSafely is the fastest online traffic school that offers the shortest course. Their lessons are offered 100% online so you can go at your own pace and study anytime you want and anywhere.

What is the cheapest traffic school online?

GoToTrafficSchool is one of the cheapest traffic schools online and they don’t charge you unless you are 100% happy with their services. Their customer service guarantee makes it the cheapest online traffic school.

My Top Pick For an Online Traffic School: GoToTrafficSchool

My top pick for best online traffic school is GoToTrafficSchool. The name is literal for a reason. You will be attending traffic school completely online from the comfort of your own home. Their courses are widely available, they have a DMV license, interactive, and complete with simulations for the best results.



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