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You’re on a budget, but you’re wary of going for the lowest priced LLC formation service. After all, compromising service for the sake of affordability can lead to failure in meeting compliance requirements and consequently, more trouble.

Thankfully, it is not the case for these providers. Here are some of the best cheap LLC formation services that you can choose with peace of mind.

Reviews of the Best Cheap LLC Formation Services

1. Zenbusiness

Zenbusiness provides some of the best value in the market. Their starter package includes everything you need to start a new business with LLC formation, registered agent services for 12 months, custom-made operating agreement, and a worry-free CPA assessment from one of their experts. All these services are available at just $0 + state fees.

They are also extremely efficient in the LLC formation process as most of the procedures are automated. This saves their customers both time and extra costs.


  • Great features at affordable prices
  • Strong customer feedback with mostly positive reviews
  • Free registered agent services for one year


  • Fairly new in the market
  • Inconsistent customer service

2. Incfile

Incfile is known for its zero-priced package that only has its clients pay for state fees.

Incfile guarantees that your formation paperwork will be filed with the state in just one business day. Most of the competition do not provide this guarantee, and even charge additional fees for the service.

Incfile is also well-known in the market, with over 250,000 businesses formed since 2004. They already provide a wide range of services to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.


  • Easy to use
  • Huge customer base
  • Extremely affordable price


  • Upsells and third party offers
  • No form builder for legal documents

3. Northwest Registered Agents

Northwest Registered Agents is a tad pricier than the rest of the items on the list, but their services are still of good value.

They offer one of the most efficient and reliable customer support with a team of trained Corporate Guides that can advise you throughout the formation process. The provider has been in the business since 1998 and has decades of experience in LLC formation.

Their LLC formation package costs $125. The entire process is also very straightforward with no add-ons.


  • Top-notch customer support
  • Free registered agent services for a year
  • Decades of experience
  • Easy cancellation policy


  • Pricier compared to its competitors
  • Limited customer reviews

4. Swyft Filings

Swyft Filings is a new company in the LLC formation service industry relative to most of the competition. But it has grown very quickly to become a strong contender in the market.

Their base package starts at $49 and state fees, which is one of the cheapest packages available. Some of their key differentiators include lifetime customer support and 30 minutes of business tax consultation. They also allow companies on a budget to pay their fees in two installments.


  • Very affordable packages
  • 100% refund of service fees if the customer is unsatisfied
  • Positive customer reviews
  • User-friendly dashboard


  • No registered agent service in the base package
  • Pricey upsells

Cheap LLC Formation Service Buyer’s Guide

Price for Forming an LLC

Almost all providers have LLC formation packages to choose from. You can always opt for the most basic packages that consequently come at the lowest cost.

You should consider whether the basic packages offered have all the features you need. You will also need to factor in state fees while coming up with a budget for LLC formation.

An ideal choice would be a package with the cheapest pricing while having the maximum number of features. Having the option to pay in installments is also preferable.

Packages & Features

Providers vary in the features they include in their basic packages. It is important to compare the features to find out which provider has everything you need.

Ideally, your chosen provider will have everything you need within the basic package. Other than LLC formation, providers may include registered agent services, LLC operating agreements [1], lifetime customer support, and free business tax consultations.

Track Record & Company History

The company’s history and track record will help you gauge the quality of the services to expect from them.

A company with decades of experience has the depth of knowledge that they can tap into to give you detailed advice. However, there are also new companies that have grown quickly and have performed reliable LLC formation services for a large number of businesses in a short period.

Order Process

A good provider has a straightforward order process that is easy to follow. While some companies have a never-ending series of upsells and add-ons for you to get through, other providers have a fuss-free process that can help you save money and time instead.

Customer Reviews

You should always peruse customer reviews of a company, both positive and negative before making a choice. High ratings are an indication that a company can be trusted to provide quality services.

Reading through the negative reviews can also help you identify any red flags that you may want to safeguard yourself against.

Customer Support

The best cheap LLC formation services provide strong customer support at every stage so that you can get all your questions answered. Ideally, they should offer phone, email, and chat support so that you can communicate with the company via your preferred channel.

However, there are distinguished providers that have extremely well-trained staff. You can count on them to give detailed answers to queries regarding the LLC formation process and any ongoing compliance requirements you may have as a business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you set up an LLC for free?

Yes, you can set up an LLC for free. You can also opt to do it yourself without any professional support. However, there are state fees required which can be anywhere between $50-$250, depending on the state.

What is the cheapest state to form an LLC?

The cheapest state to form an LLC in is your home state since it is usually where most of your business transactions would take place. Looking at the US national rates, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and New Mexico are states with the cheapest filing fees.


What is the cheapest way to start an LLC?

The cheapest way to start an LLC is to complete all the legal filings on your own. However, this depends on the LLC filing fees charged by your state. You can also get a professional incorporation service to file your incorporation documents and prevent infringing compliance requirements.

My Top Pick for a Cheap LLC Formation Service: ZenBusiness

Among the best cheap LLC formation services, ZenBusiness has an overwhelming number of positive customer reviews. The provider offers everything you need to start your business at an affordable price. Their packages are easy to understand and their customer service is also known to be top-notch in the industry.

If you’re looking for other options for a well-known LLC service, check out my full review of Legal Zoom and its services.



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