The Aion class is used to determine your skills and your role of Aion character. The character creation is the most important aspects of Aion. Various classes are available in Aion. Here, it includes the four general classes and eight more additional class options. When you start playing this game, you have to choose from these classes:

The Best Aion Classes


Class type: Primary

Warriors are unparalleled with close combat and have high levels of power and force. A burst of resilience and brute force are the main power of Warriors, but they aren’t simple-minded or brainless. The first few steps for Warriors are quick and easy, but a real understanding of training is needed for Warriors. Warriors serve as a tank and have the edge of stigmas that can provide potent offense, self-heals and the use of Great Swords. It’s difficult to take down Warriors in PvP, and upon reaching Level 10, and option for specialization of either of two subclasses are given: Templar or Gladiator.


Class type: Sub-class

Gladiators are among the tankiest in the Aion world, especially with their mastery in weapons and capabilities to bring in huge damage. They have a high dps in pve, better than most classes, but they are still just next to Assassins. Being a Gladiator will give you the most wide-ranging options for weapons, as a Gladiator can wield all types of weapons except the staff. Gladiators are great as gapcloser and good at a close-ranged battle as they have high cds, and they can wield two weapons at a time too. But those with the highest aoe dps are gladiators that wield polearms, which are 4-strike weapons that hits 4x in just one swing. With this, Gladiators win over Aethertechs, which are only second to polearm-wielding Gladiators in terms of the highest aoe dps.


Class type: Sub-class

Templars serves are the main tanking class — they have a huge selection of defensive buffs and improving defense skills that make them almost invincible walking tanks. For Templars, support skills, taunting variety and ccs are available, but they can still be the hardest role to play. Aside from being always often in charge of leading your party during PvEs, Templars are among those with the lowest DPS rates. This is because the focus of Templars’ gear are mitigating damage, controlling aggro and improving defense.


Class type: Primary

The Muse has a high dps and an average level of healing skills — a unique combination for a magical violin player. This class also has a good support system, which makes it good for a team play. Solo play in this class is also decent, with its ability to give combos that result to channelled nukes, drain mana, delay being paralyze, and instant nukes. Aside from this, there are some party buffs for the Muse that can be quite useful, too. All skills in this class are carried over to its sub-class, the Songweaver.


Class type: Sub-class

Coming from the Muse, Songweavers also have musical abilities that can cast magic. Plenty of roles can be played by the musical abilities of Songweavers — they can either bring wreckage, boost allies or soothe members of a team. Songweavers can be pseudo magic DPS, added with the support ability just like that of a Spiritmaster or Chanter. Empyrean Lady Siel governs this class.


Class type: Primary

Any successful party usually has the Priest as a backbone, especially with this class’ ability to a little bit of everything. Priests can keep Daeva battle-ready, which can serve as a vital element in a higher survival rate in challenging stages in Atreia. With Priests, healing over time comes easy for comrades and deadly poisons can be cured fast, too. After a full training and education in the Priest class, there’s choices between two sub-classes for specialization: Chanter and Cleric.


Class type: Sub-class

Chanters are great for group plays because of their high level of mastery in enchantment magic, which can bring up the attributes of all group members. Their cd skills are great, as they have a lot of party buffs that can give dps benefits. One of the best buff system unique to Chanters is called the mantra system, which can be cast at any time at the will of the Chanter. Mantras cannot be dispelled, and only canceled by the Chanter that cast it or when the Chanter dies. The fun in this class comes in their combos which can easily lock down people to prevent their escape and bring damage dealing chain wearing classes like clerics and melee support class, too.


Class type: Sub-class

Clerics utilize powerful spells that heal, making them the primary class in charge of health in all of Aion world. They can also dispel magic to help allies through difficult circumstances; they are sturdy and can heal themselves. Clerics can dispel mental and physical debuffs, a skill that only they can do. If you’re playing solo, Cleric is a good class for you, but it is a great class for DPS too. However, for group pvp or pve it should not be used because it would be difficult to keep yourself alive while keeping others in the group alive too. It should also be noted that while Clerics have healing abilities which makes them have higher survival percentage, they have a relatively low dps.


Class Type: Primary

Scouts, although great in terms of agility, camouflage, awareness, and speed are quite vulnerable because of their light armory. Hence, they should be understood and handled carefully too, to use their inherent strengths properly and shield their weaknesses. When one masters that, Scouts can be quite tough to resist and beat. Play styles for Scouts are wide-ranging, especially as compared to any other primary class. It is a versatile class and specialization can be taken up to either of these sub-classes: Assassin or Ranger.


Class type: Sub-class

The Ranger is one of the harder classes in this mmorpg, even when it is a weapon expert in distance-battles and can give extensive damage even from a far distance. The dps for the Ranger isn’t that high, but they perform on an average level for pve. The main concentration of Rangers is the infliction of damage from afar, but it also have a choice of traps to keep enemies from coming closer, plus a variety of survival skills. If mastered, the Ranger can be good in playing pvp, especially with the instant skills and CC skills like root, arrow, sleep and stun, among others. IN pvp though, you have to learn how to slideshot to properly use the Ranger.


Class type: Sub-class

Regarded as the “master of shadows” of Aion, the Assassin is easily a usual favorite because it has the best stealth and gives the highest damage among all the classes. It has a dual-wielding ability and has a speed like no other in attacking, hence, making it great in locking down opponents too. Assassins are deadly for both PvP and PvE, with weapons of daggers and dual-wielded swords and usually undetected attack to their targets. They also have a special rune carving system that allows different effects for rune skills. For solo play, Assassins just need a few seconds to take down a mob, while their high DPS comes in handy for group play.


Class type: Primary

The Mage is a class of power, yet it is very vulnerable too. The power of the Mage comes from its authority over elements, which can result to great damages that are mind-blowing. Raging fireballs can come instantly as the Mage summons them, and coldest chains of ice can be summoned, too. Mages can bind enemies with the help of roots, which can result after Mages talk to the planet. However, as this class is also vulnerable, evading enemies should also be kept in mind always, or have an armored companion or a tank. After just a few levels, a Mage can change into either a Sorcerer of a Spiritmaster.


Class type: Sub-class

Sorcerers are also called the Crowd Control (CC) specialist in the world of Aion that can give the greatest spells with the highest levels of damage. The CC abilities of Sorcerers can control the flow of fights and target enemies with highly destructive spells. For PvE, this class is fairly alright to use, but mastering it isn’t that easy. It gives a lot of options for utility skills and damage, including sleep, shields, channelled nukes, and other spirit-empowered high cds. It is an overall outstanding DPS class, but kind of an easy target for PvP.


Class type: Sub-class

The Spiritmaster is unique class that allows the use of pets, the only class able to that in Aion. The summoning abilities of this class is highly powerful, giving powerful damage and keeping enemies at a distance. Spirits can fight alongside the Spiritmasters, while able to use a unique CC ability that can easily make people run away quickly in silence, by instilling fear in them. This class is considered dps, but can be much improved through the different available buffs.


Class type: Primary

Introduced recently in Aion 4.0, this new primary class, Technist, has a high DPS and great charging skills. They can be used both in solo or group play, with multiple or solo targets, as the player wishes. Some of the skills of this class include one handed armor proficiencies, bandage heal, evasion rate and return. The skills from this class are carried over to either Aethertech or Gunslinger.


Class type: Sub-class

Aethertech is a great class for summoning and utilizing mechanical mounts, although they have a shortage in lackluster of pve dps. These mounts are called Bastions that can perform attacks for both near and far targets. With Aethertech, you can ride a huge robot and blast people or knock them down directly. Aside from the attack capabilities, defenses in this class are massive too, which can come in handy for PvP, raid, or boss battle in Atreia. A noteworthy skill of this class is the drillbore, which can stun and break defences of enemies. Aethertechs are great for groups as they have average dps that comes from sunder blade that reduces defences, and a bad pvp matchup is rare, except with the cleric in msupp or mr set.


Class type: Sub-class

The Gunslinger is a class with Empyrean Lord Israphel as governor, and is a subclass of Technists that can use Aethercannons and shoot pistols. The combat style of Gunslinger can vary due to the choice of the weapon, with cannons being powerful yet slower, and Pistols being much faster and can be used for multiple auto-attacks. To maximize the options for two weapons, you may switch between the two in between rotations. Compared to a gunner, a gunslinger is much more powerful, but they have practically the same features.


Class type: Sub-class

Gunner is a great class although they have low level of skills and are spammy. But when using pistols, gunners shoot very fast even while dual-wielding armour. Gunners can also “reload” their skills and cast a magic damage through magical damage godstones.

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