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A band saw will make good cuts with exactness and speed when equipped with the best blade for the application. There are distinct features of a band saw blade that enables the precision and speed of a cut.

Band saw blades disagree in so many ways such as thickness, length, width and tooth configuration. Length changes by machine, but the size of the saw wheel basically know or find out the thickness and width. For instance, smaller machines between the region of 9 to 12 wheels require thinner blades to hinder breaking the welds. They also approve of only narrow blades, usually between ½ to 1 or even less.

It should be noted by woodworkers that larger saws like the ones compared on Sawinery often can handle thicker and larger blades with no problem or issue.

Blades come naturally in the four tooth configurations and the number of teeth per inch is very important as well because wider gullets enable for better debris removal. Selecting a blade’s tooth count and pattern fully depends on the kind of cut and the type of material you are cutting.

Band saw blades have a set to their teeth, in the case of tips alternately pointing left and right to enable clearance for the blade body rather than it creating friction by rubbing the wood.

It is very possible for you to make most cuts with one blade. Every single time you deviate from band saw blade width to another, you need to reset and adjust the saw tension, tracking and blade guides. Though this process takes a little while, precisely between the minutes of 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the kind of saw you are using.

With this process, it is understandable that you might probably not want to do it often. And this is the same basic reason why a lot of individuals use a 40 to 50 tooth combo blade for all the cuts on their table saw or probably the same speed setting for all pieces or segments on their drill press.

For individuals who are not aware of the combo blade equivalent for band saws. It is advisable that these combo blade equivalent for band saws exist and a 3/8, 4 tpi standard tooth blade will cut all but the tightest curves while also doing some crosscutting, ripping and resawing respectively.

For woodworkers who want to get the best quality band saw blades in the market. Here are some listed band saw blades that come with their sizes. These blades are said to be the most quality ones present in the market. These band saw blades will be listed below as follows;

  • Laguna- Laguna Resawking Band Saw Blade, 115’’ * .75’’ * Variable TPI
  • Starrett — Duratc SFB Band Saw Blade 70–½’’ * 1/8’’ * 14 tpi regular
  • Laguna — laguna Pro Force ¼ ‘’ * 14 TPI * 115’’ Band Saw Blade
  • Timber Wolf — Band Saw Blade 93 -1/2’’ * ¼ *6 TPI Positive Claw
  • Laguna 145 *1–1/4 * Resaw King Blade

More about band saws at Lagunatools:

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