Apple Watch Stainless Steel Review

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If you are shopping for an Apple Watch, you will find that there are almost 20 options of models to choose from. Apple watches also come in an array of different color options with other features and customizations that people can choose from. You can choose from different sizes of watches as well to suit your personal needs. Apple Watches are also popular when it comes to using Wi-Fi and GPs capabilities which many people find quite useful. You have a bit of learning to do if you are just starting your shopping for an Apple Watch. If you’re not sure which version to pick, read this article about apple watch stainless steel vs aluminum.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is one of the 2 options of metals that you can choose from when shopping for an Apple Watch (the other option is aluminum). Stainless steel will cost you more money, and it’s a bit flashier and fancier than the aluminum version. You’ll find that the stainless steel also weighs more than the aluminum models. So if you are in search of a more traditional style, then the stainless steel watch is probably the right choice for you.

One downside of this watch have that nice, shiny, glossy finish is the fact that it could get micro-abrasions. This is something that quite commonly happens; these tiny scratches that show up on the surface of the screen of your watch can ruin the overall view of the display screen. If this is something that you feel that you’ll be concerned about then you might be interested in purchasing the toughest model of stainless steel Apple watch; the Space Black model. This model has a diamond coating which makes it the most resistant surface out of all of the other options that are available.

Be aware that the stainless steel models are more likely to display finger prints from touching the surface of it often. However, the fingerprints can be buffed out easily. The good news is that for the most part micro-abrasions might not be all that noticeable and fingerprints aren’t a permanent issue as well.

Besides the metal that stainless still is, the display cover is made out of sapphire crystal which for the most part is quite resistant to scratches; the micro-abrasions could occur on models that don’t have the sapphire crystal screen. So just remember that the more expensive you go, the less likely you will experience any scratches or easy damage to your watch.

The magnetic charging puck is another feature that you would get with your Apple Watch. This is something that you would only get if you choose to purchase a stainless steel model.

Keep in mind that the stainless steel Apple Watch 4 is a model that is only available in the cellular version.

So to sum things up, when you are getting the stainless steel option, you are choosing the more premium and heavier option. The glass will be more resistant than that of an aluminum watch but depending on which one you purchase you still may experience a bit of micro-abrasion. Overall you will be getting a nice, shiny, glossy finished watch with a premium charging port.

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