Apple Watch Series 4 vs Series 5

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There are some differences in the series 4 and series 5 Apple Watches. These differences can be categorized within four of the major features. This would include the display, battery life, display, and built in compass. Also you will be able to choose from ceramic or titanium as your options of material.

Always-on display

One of the most talked about features that you will find in the Apple Watch Series 5 is the always-on display feature. Which means you’ll be able to always see the time displayed or whatever is showing on your screen at the time without it going black. This feature has been requested by many users of the Apple Watch and they will finally be able to experience it with the Apple Watch 5.

The first party watch faces has been incorporated into the display screen that is always on. Even when the display is dim, you will still be able to see what’s on the screen. However, with just the tap of your finger you will be able to see the display screen in full view.

The always on display also works out rather nicely for those who are active and enjoy working out. You can make use of the Workout app on the Apple Watch 5 series. You’ll be able to easily see how many calories you are burning without having to tap the screen as you are working out.

However, with the Apple Watch Series 4, you will have to inconveniently raise your wrist and take the screen so that you are able to view the display. Anyone who uses the Apple Watch knows how inconvenient this can be.

The always on display is definitely a major game changer and it improves the experience that people will have with an Apple Watch series. The integrated workout app is also something that is dually noted because many people who use these watches in particular are into being active and want to watch their calories, etc. This technology is always changing and expanding for the better. Read more about aluminum vs stainless steel apple watch here.

Built-in Compass Feature

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the first out of all of the other series to have a built-in compass feature. There is also a compass app included in the programming for the compass to work properly. This compass shows you the elevation, longitude, latitude, etc.

The compass is beneficial because it helps with improving the Apple Maps. This app helps with letting the user know which direction they are facing. This is a great help for people who might be hiking and need to know where they are.

Moving forward, the compass is able to help with building many accomplishments. Third party apps will also be able to help with enhancing some of the compass features as well, which will bring forth many benefits.

Unfortunately the series 4 Apple Watch doesn’t have the compass feature and misses out on a bunch of a lot of the features that are enhanced with this compass. The compass is great for anyone who is active and outdoorsy and definitely worth the investment.

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