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So let’s discuss a bit about the history of Apple Gadgets. The very first Apple iPhone to ever make its big debut was released in 2007, but before then, there were other gadgets that led up to that special moment. As you read along you will learn a bit more about the history of iPhone gadgets that were born into the world of technology.

Newton MessagePad

Let’s start with the Newton messagePad. This was a mobile device that was released back in 1993. It was known as a personal digital assistant that helped with handwriting. This gadget was discontinued in production in 1998.

iPod Classic

The iPod Classic was introduced in 2001. It was the first gadget for released for the consumption of music. It had a black and white LCD display screen and 5GB of hard drive that was able to store up to 1,000 songs at once.

iPod U2 Special Edition

The U2 was introduced during the year of 2004, and it featured an eye-friendly red click wheel. It was priced at about $50; which was higher in price compared to the original version. The sales weren’t good on this item at all, but now it is sold as a collector’s item for thousands of dollars since not very many people owned one. +

iPod Photo

The iPod Photo was released in 2004, right along with the U2 special edition. The iPod photo was considered an upgrade of the 4th generation device. This iPod was able to support a variety of different photo types and also had the ability to be easily attached to a TV.

iPod Mini

2004 seemed to be the year of new Apple product releases, as the iPod mini was also released in the month of February 2004. It had the ability to scroll with a sensitive touch feature. This device was a little on the smaller side though and it also included a click wheel. The iPod mini was discontinued in 2005.

iPod Shuffle

In January 2005, the smallest model of iPods was introduced. The iPod shuffle. It was known for playing random songs; hence its name “Shuffle.” This songs were loaded by the user of the device.

iPod Video

iPod video was the 5th generation to be released, and it was an upgraded version of the previous, with the ability of not only playing audio but being able to watch the content on the screen as well. This model was the last of the iPod gadgets to have a glass display.

iPod Nano

In 2005, the iPod mini was replaced with the iPod Nano. This device was actually quite popular because of its attractive sleek design. Users were able to take advantage of the color screen, as well as store music with flash memory. The iPad Nano had a battery life of 14 hours.

First-generation iPhone

Last on this list, introduced in January of 2007 was the very first generation iPhone. After many years of rumors of a phone being released, Apple finally released the first smart phone in January of 2007. This iPhone become the named invention of the year in Time magazine.

Apple Watches

The last important gadget is apple watch. There are many different types/colors, so make sure you compare the apple watch aluminum vs stainless steel before you pick one.

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